The Revival

In 2013, I was at a HPDE in the S13 when a Hoosier R6 broke a band (I think). The car got really sideways at 125+ down the backstraight of VIR with a passenger in the car with me. I saw how ridiculous/stupid it was to be on a track without proper safety equipment, so I decided to pull the E30 out from the woods and see what it was like at VIR.

After sitting for 3 years it started right up (killed a few mice, cleaned some cobwebs) and hasn't missed a beat in the 3 years of HPDE since. I learned how to drive a momentum car, learned about camber (e30s need MORE!) and had fun. I ended up repainting the car after the decals dried out and rotted.

Now it is white with the Warsteiner Beer M3 striped paint scheme – this was chosen randomly from google searching.

Then I added "Spec" springs, shocks, and camber plates to avoid eating tires. After that change, a set of Azenis which cost $400 last an entire year, along with the brakes. 20 Gallons of fuel lasts an entire weekend instead of only 1 session. This car switch allowed me to get much more track time on my limited college student budget. It was a great move.

I ended up buying out the other members of the original "Other Series" team, with exception of my dad. Now we are each 50% owners of the car.

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