The First Build

We (Chris and Robert) had an excursion with "cheap" racing in 2009 with the "other" series. We purchased a rusted out E30 for $400, quickly built it into a race car (poorly), and raced it twice. We did all of this with a few friends - The car was split 5 ways. The work occured at one of the members businesses, which was my place of part-time employement at the time. They had a nice work-bay with a lift, and space to store the "detrius" that came out of the car during the build.

The car was a 1985 325e in markedly decent shape, but really rusty. You can really see it in the picture on the front valence and fender. Both trunk pockets (the battery and antenna wells) were completely gone. We spent hours patching holes in the floor pan with sheet metal since much of the passenger floor pan was missing.

The car when we first got it into the shop
The front bumper was removed when purchased. This shows the damage to the valence
Rear strut tower bar modified
The back seat was also Missing

It did have an uncracked dash, good condition black carpet, a working glove box, and some other nice parts. How I wish I still had some of these parts which I basically threw away, since we were still new at this back then.

Clean dash and a sparco racing seat
262,557 miles - Odometer not working, of course
Excellent bumper sticker
Bumper and classic rallye fogs

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