Days of Blunder (That Other Series)

We painted it like the "Days of thunder" Chevrolet Lumina in the classic NASCAR 1990s Tom Cruise film. Since that other series requires a theme, we called ourselves the Days of Blunder. Going through inspection we referred to ourselves as characters from the movie, and attempted to quote lines from famous scenes.

Vintage (circa 2009) website for the Days Of Blunder racing team:
Days Of Blunder

Chris pulling out for the start
Awesome decals

The first race, in 2009, went almost better than could be expected. The first day, an 8 hour affair, went very smoothly. Everyone got the opportunity to take the car out, we stayed clean, and the car drove perfectly. We were even in a decent position; however the details escape my memory. Unfortunately, a day of racing was all the tired, 260,000 mile eta engine could handle. Early in the second day, something inside the engine decided it had had enough and that was the end of the race for us. We would be back though!
Unfortunately, due to time and memory, photos from this race are few and far between. I think we were more busy trying to figure out what to do and forgot how cameras worked.

Down the front straight
Hard into turn one

The second race, in 2010, was an entirely new experience. During the off-season, we swapped the blown engine for a new one, with more power. The 2.5 liter ā€œiā€ engine carried less displacement, but had a better flowing head and shorter stroke for higher revvs. The car was an entirely new beast at this point. Unfortunately for us, we neglected to upgrade any of the supporting components. Parts-store brake pads are not sufficient to last for an endurance race when you are driving at a faster pace. We ended up driving all over SC to locate brake pads to complete the race, and even so, finished with no brake pads left. Despite the braking troubles, we finished the race under our own power, and continued our learning experiences.

Chris, Mike, and Steven giving the car a final look
Heading to grid
Car still looking clean
Spraypainted roundel replacement
Driver change in progress
Down the back straight
In the paddock
Robert getting ready to head on track

We learned so much during this build and the two races which followed, including how NOT to split the finances, how NOT to build a roll cage, how NOT to start with a rusty bucket, how NOT to make decisions, how NOT to pick brake pads (by price, LOL!), and more. It was incredibly fun when we were actually racing, but the team organization resulted in difficulty during the off-season preparations. The team was split on how to move forward so the car ended up in the woods behind a members business. After a year, it was moved to the woods behind my house, and it sat for 2 more years.

Steven fixing the belts
Two the track
Noch ein Scheisse E30 stencil
Lexi's custom pit-board

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