Documents of Note

Huggins Motorsports Team Documents

Huggins Motorsports Drivers Contract
Huggins Motorsports Team Information Packet

E30 Documents

1986 BMW 325 Electrical Troubleshooting Manual
1989 BMW 325i - 325is Electrical Troubleshooting Manual
1989 BMW 325i Convertible Troubleshooting Manual
1991 BMW 325i Electrical Troubleshooting Manual
Thayer Motorsports Differential Rebuild Instructions
DIY - How To Rebuild a BMW E30 Differential
Factory 3 Performance LSD Replacement Guide
Metric Mechanic Differential Catalog and Information Brochure

240sx Documents

S13 Factory Service Manual (Combined Document)
S13 Factory Service Manual (Zip of Separated Docs)
S13 DARS Excerpt on Rear Suspension Design
Nissan Differential Cross-Reference Workbook (early 90's Models)

Technical Documents

Springs & Dampers ("Vibrations" Tech Tip Document")
Brake Force Requirement Study
Endurance-Racing-Guide-V1.01 By Ross Bentley
Redesign of an FSAE Race Car’s Steering and Suspension System
ASA Race Car Force Deflection Characteristics

Shop Documents

Beginners Guide to Tig Welding
Tap and Drill Sizes Chart
Unwrapping Structural Members with Solidworks to Notch Tubes
How To Flock a Dashboard
Classic SM Cage Kit Installation Manual
Classic SM Cage Kit Blueprints
Classic SM 5 inch Taller Kit Blueprints
Classic SM 5 inch Taller Kit Installation Manual

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